Beach photography hints and tips final part – Creative beach photography

Creative beach photography

Creative beach photography is a way to help make sure you get great beach pictures. Instead of the same old shots of beaches at midday like so many people take, try these creative beach photography ideas instead.

Get Close
Using macro photography techniques to get great close up shots of common beach items. Shells, footprints, even old glass bottles can become beautiful when you make them the centre of attention.

Change Your Point of View
Try shooting from very low, at a crab’s eye level, or shoot towards the beach while wading in the water (don’t drop your camera!). Change where you shoot from and you change the entire feel of the picture. Changing your point of view also changes the light so be sure to experiment with different shooting locations to find your best light for a photo.

Go Early or Stay Late
Early morning not only offers magnificent sunrises, it offer strongly angled light and much less crowding. Early morning is also a great time to catch fog on the beach. Staying late allows you to catch wonderful sunsets, it also allows you to get starlit skies over the ocean or the moon rising in the distance. Evening at the beach also gives you a chance to catch crabs and other creatures beginning to stir.

Chase the Storms
After a storm there is often a lot of very interesting debris on shore. The sand is also creates some interesting designs from the wind and rain. Before a storm, find a safe spot and photograph the lightning as it approaches the shore, don’t forget to protect your camera from the rain etc.

The beach is a great place to work with silhouettes because the sun is usually visible either at sunrise or sunset so you have access to the strong light angles needed to get the sun behind a subject.

That’s all for beach photography hints and tips, please leave comments with your ideas and pictures.


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